Secure Mobility and secure transportation services is a key area of our expertise. Our highly-trained security personnel escort clients in vehicles equipped with radio and satellite communications systems, which enable our operations centers to track our clients’ movements in real-time. In the event of an emergency, call our client movements to ensure a vehicle cross- over capability and Quick Reaction Force (QRF) support from our operations hubs across Nigeria. We deploy different profiles as dictated by the threat, intelligence gathered, client requirements, and the operating environment. PR24 can provide our clients with a long term or ad-hoc solution, all depending on the length of the project and cost. Our teams have been highly trained to detect and prevent incidences. They are trained to advise the client about the high-risk areas and provide a solution if needed.

We recommend a Principle Vehicle only during daylight hours in Lagos and Abuja and the addition of one (1) Backup Vehicle during night travel. In Port Harcourt and the rest of Nigeria, we recommend Principle with Backup Vehicle as a must. Vehicles configurations can change depending on the current security situation within a location, we will advise our clients accordingly. These vehicles are soft skin SUVs, carrying up to a maximum of two clients per vehicle. Each vehicle is manned by a local national Security Training Driver and CPO. In some instances, we may recommend the use of armed MOPOL operators and the use of an armored vehicle (AV) for movements that may occur during times of higher threat.

The movement authorization and profile will be in line with our:

  • Standing operating procedures
  • Current risk assessment and level of threat in the operating area
  • Number of personnel traveling
  • Origin and destination of the journey