Rocco-S4 is a wireless security alarm to stationary objects (apartments, houses, warehouses, garages, etc.). All system components such as the control panel, keyboard, motion detectors do not require cable connections so installation of alarm does not affect the aesthetics of the object and can be implemented without the installation company equipped with special tools.

The system will be turned off using the keyboard, remote control, or a mobile phone. All alarm events or control are sent to mobile phone numbers via SMS. The Rocco-S4 features high flexibility in configuration and further expansion. It is ideal for rooms that are not directly interconnected like a condo – cellar or office – warehouse. Programming the system via mobile phones will allow you to remotely configure the rules of the system at any time and regardless of the place in which it is the owner.

Basic System Features: –

  • Simple and fast installation without interfering with the building,
  • The individual components do not require cable connections.
  • The installation does not affect the aesthetics of the building.
  • The control panel assemble into any 230V power socket – turning on / off system is carried out using a keyboard, remote control or mobile phone.
  • The system can connect up to 8 wireless detectors, motion, contact – sensors and sends alarm information to the user’s mobile phone (eg. The owner, technician or ARC, etc.).
  • The system monitors the battery status keyboard, motion detectors, remote controls and transmits mobile phone information to replace the battery
  • It allows for the continuous supervision of a facility 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world – low operating costs
  • The system can be quickly disassembled and installed in a different place
  • Users can remotely check whether the alarm system is switched on
  • Users can also remotely check entry and exit time of domestic staff