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Coup d’etat: Military Attempt to Seize Power in Gabon

Coup d’etat: Military Attempt to Seize Power in Gabon

Prior to a 1964 coup d’etat, military members early on Monday 7th January allegedly attempted to carry out a coup in Gabon against the government of its ailing President.  A soldier, flanked by two others wielding arms took to the state radio to make a public announcement to the people, calling for a “national restoration council” to be formed due to Ali Bongo’s absence from the country.

Further intensifying their doubts and subsequent action, was a New Year’s address made by the ailing President, who gave them reason to scrutinize his capacity in the continuity of handling national responsibilities. Just after a TV message from the schemers, shots were heard around the TV station at about 5:30 am (0530 GMT), and military vehicles blocked access to the boulevard where the offices are located, sources revealed.

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