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Security Tips that Will Help Secure Your Work Place

Security Tips that Will Help Secure Your Work Place

Many businesses are at risk from employees’ theft, criminal break-ins and intellectual property theft. As a business owner or professional office manager, you have to ensure that you enforce security measures in the workplace that will protect both your assets and employees.

Here are some safety tips to protect your place.

1. Verified Alarm System: Install a Verified Alarm System to ensure quick response to breach and other criminal activities.

2.Integrated Security System: Install an Integrated Security System that is unique to your office needs.

3. Hiring Screening Policy: Protect your business from employee theft by implementing a hiring screening policy that includes criminal record checks and reference checks.

4. Access Control System: Implement a managed access control system with key-less entry to track and restrict who goes where and when.

5. In-depth Training Program on Workplace Safety and Security: Create and implement an in-depth training program on workplace safety and security, including how to properly lock up documents, protect passwords and secure the building.

6. Restrict Access to Your Server Room: Restrict access to your server room to those who have passed an in-depth security clearance, and use an access control management.

7. Lock all money and financial information in a safe: Lock all money and financial information in a safe that meets your insurer’s guidelines. Restrict access to the combination and change it often.

8. Security Man Guarding: Get well-trained security guards to protect your business premises by guarding and searching people on main entry points.


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